Bonne Aparte & Wolvon & AEgrezzziw Mopz

26.4 / 20h / Veringkanal

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WOLVON /// Noiserock, Groningen
Since their formation in 2011, WOLVON have proved themselves to be one of most exciting live acts to come out of The Netherlands; mainly by virtue of their ferocious (floor)shows. They remain the only band that have topped the three rankings in the annual Poll of the illustrious VERA club in their hometown Groningen: best downstage concert; best support act; and best local band. They’ve played their mixture of post-punk-cum-noise-rock all the way from Macedonia to the UK. They are the drivers of Groningen’s “nomadic DIY” concert-platform Lepel, with over 70 shows to their credit. In April 2017 a 2nd full-length LP ‘ease.’ will be released by three independent labels: Tartarus, Graanrepubliek and Subroutine Records.

Louder than War: “Full of rumbling bass, crashing guitars and some seriously demented drumming, the second long player from these Dutch head-wreckers is one to play at ear-ringing volume.”

”Future Truths”

BONNE APARTE /// Noiserock, Rotterdam
Bonne Aparte’s initial impact on the dutch underground scene, back in 2007, was as forceful as it was short-lived. The Frysian underdogs generated a big stir with their unique line-up (bass synth instead of a bass guitar and an additional marching band drummer flailing around on stage) combined with high-pitched vocals and a fuck you attitude, leading to a spectacular break up just as their debut album hit the shelves.
In 2016, after being non-operational for nearly ten years, the band’s hiatus was broken. Now operating out of Rotterdam Bonne Aparte mashes up influences from all kinds of loud aggressive guitar music, creating an explosive cocktail of suppressed frustrations and manic energy inkling to noise rock, but avoiding the stigma. Head honcho Gerrit van der Scheer has cherry picked a new all star band which features (ex)members of some of the finer projects of the Dutch underground, including Rats on Rafts, Luik, Adept, Herrek, Eklin and Wolvon. Since their resurrection the band has played a bunch of disruptive shows with like-minded bands such as Destruction Unit (US) and Cocaine Piss (BE), supporting their critically acclaimed 2016 “Scum Party” EP.
As a decade has passed, the world should be ready for a second Bonne Aparte album. “Scalps” is about indulging your primal instincts, about giving rein to urges better kept behind locked doors. As Van der Scheer puts it: “Our reptilian brain propels a great subconscious force which we have to suppress continuously to keep our society intact. “Scalps” is an exercise in doing the exact opposite, fully committing to our animal self, omitting all nuance and self-censorship. The result is a masochistic, egocentric and incoherent persona, somebody who’s always on the hunt but cannot survive without being hunted.”
Instincts are not to be dwelled upon. Likewise “ Scalps,” clocking eleven songs in barely twenty-four minutes, might feel more like a punch in the face than your average listening experience. “Scalps” will be released on the 2nd of February 2018 on Luik Records (BE) and Antena Krzyku (PL) and Wham Wham Records NL; of which the latter has revived in a similar fashion to release the band they took on 10 years ago. The international nature of this release provides the perfect excuse for a Europe tour that will follow in
spring 2018, in addition to a string of release shows in the Netherlands.


Ägrezzziw Mopz /// Supergroup, Premierenkonzert, Hamburg
“Eine Sekunde, eine Behauptung, eine Seite, ein Ton, ein Träger, eine Tragödie, ein Konplex.
Langsame Schritte zum lautes Schrein.
Eine Silbe, ein Wort, ein Ort ohne Lage.
Ein Lager von Dingen und Düngen in Dünen,
und übrigens, das muss auch gesagt werden,
ein Indianer kennt den Schmerz wie kein andere.” …