Töfie / John Haniver -Konzert


21.4 / 20h / Veringkanal

Voice is the main Tofie’s instrument to create music. Her curiosity keeps her going on a new way to compose and play with vocals effects. Here is how Tofie’s project takes place, in 2012. At the beginning, Garage Band was the first witness of these pop and electronic sounds, resulting a LP released on Linge Records.
Then, Töfie turned a corner. Her “electronica” evolved into a dark synth-wave, rhythms flow with industrials sounds but still haunted by pop music. 
It’s a kind of ecosystem, made of organic and telluric sounds mixed with digital ones, raw and nasty, steeped by Gary Numan or Fever Ray’s tunes. English, icelandic, german and french lyrics accompagny this melodic odyssey, through synthetiseurs and acoustic samples, transposed on versatile beat.
John Haniver:
john haniver is a musician and sound artist currently based in düsseldorf, germany and iceland. his work is based on atmospheric scenes and built around narrative structures. with layered sounds and complex ambiences he creates wide sonic landscapes to be explored.
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